Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Party Makeup: Do's and Don'ts!

December is here, peeps!  You ready for the Holidays?  I'm totally not.  But, my makeup will be!  Follow these tips, and yours will be, too.  

1. Not doing your prep work--Use a moisturizer and scrub!

Winter skin can be dry and flaky.  Use a facial scrub 3-4 times per week and follow with a rich moisturizer so your makeup will go on smoothly.  ExfoliKate by Kate Somerville is my favorite, but any scrub with small, even scrubby particles will work.  Apricot scrubs can be too harsh because the grains are chunky and uneven and can cause small micro-tears in the skin.  

Inline image 1
obsessed with this stuff! you can get it at Sephora. 
2. Glitter Overdose

I love a little bling just as much as the next gal, but too much of a good thing makes you look like a disco ball.  Instead of using chunky glitter on the eyes (which can be super messy!), choose a sparkly, shimmery shadow and sweep across the lids and in the inner corner to brighten the eyes. 
Inline image 2 

Inline image 3

3. Going All Matte

You DO want a little shimmer for the holidays, just don't go crazy with it.  A little subtle highlighter on the tops of the cheeks, above the cupid's bow and on the chin is a super flattering way to add a little Holiday glam.  

Inline image 4
i. love. highlighting!

4. Mixing Warm and Cool. 

The holidays are all about metallics....silver and gold are everywhere this time of year!  But, don't put both colors on your face.  Silver is cool, and gold is warm.  Cool tones look great on fair skin, while warm shades are great on darker skin tones.  Some people do have neutral skin tones and can wear both, but pretty please, not at the same time.  

Inline image 6
perfect silver metallic!

5. Going TOO bold.  

I LOVE a bold lip for Holidays.  It is the perfect time of year to try something new.  Keep the rest of your makeup light and fresh.  Doing a bold lip with a smoky eye can be a bit too much.  Poor Christina!  She should have called me! 
Inline image 7

Inline image 8
bold lip done right!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When in doubt, BLEND it out!

Hey y'all!

Fumbled by foundation?  Then check out my last segment on Good Morning Arkansas.  We talk about the best foundations for different skin types.

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So, when I was on I promised to share the Beauty Blender info......and well, it's better late than never, amiright??  You can find them at your local Sephora, or here online.

 Have a great day, Pretties!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pretty please don't do these!

Hey y'all!

I had a great time on Good Morning Arkansas earlier this week.  I got to talk about common makeup mistakes I see nearly every day.  You can check out my video below, and I'll break 'em down further for you gals, too.

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1.  Wearing the Wrong Color Foundation!

This is a biggie.  Foundation should be used to even out skin tone and cover mild imperfections.  It is not meant to give you a tan, or white-out your skin.  It should perfectly match your face, neck and chest.  I like to take a couple that I think are close to my color and swipe them along my jawline or collarbone to find a perfect match.  Sometimes department stores have terrible lighting for matching foundation, so feel free to take it outside the mall in the natural light and see what they look like there.  Most counters and shops are happy to give you samples, too, so be sure to ask for some to try before you buy.

2.  Wearing TOO MUCH Foundation!

Did a makeup artist really just tell you to wear less makeup??  Yes, yes she did.  I see beautiful gals everyday who wear masks of foundation.  I'm gonna have to tell you to put down the compact and full-coverage makeup, stat, ladies.  There's no need for that matte, cakey stuff.  You shouldn't see your foundation, and if you do, you've got waaaaaay too much on.  I think it's much more flattering to wear a light-to-medium coverage foundation, tinted moisturizer, or BB cream that's best suited to your skin type.  Also, only put it where you really need it, like through the T-Zone.  Let some skin show!

3. Muddy Bronzer

Here I am telling you to wear less makeup again.  Too much bronzer just isn't a good look. It can make your face appear dirty.  Bronzer should be used with a light hand and a fluffy brush.  Sweep it over the hairline, cheekbones and jawline for a soft, golden glow.

4. Daytime Black Eyeliner

Okay, so this one is for my fair gals out there.  It's just not a good look to rim your pretty eyes in harsh, black eyeliner.  Go for a dark brown (or gray, or plum, or navy or green!) instead, and just use liner on the top lash line.  Try smudging a lighter eyeshadow on the bottom lash line for softer definition.  

don't let this happen to you! poor xtina.  she should give me a call.  
Happy Blending, Gals!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hey Gals,

Just say NO to tadpole brows!!

Ever had a brow-tastrophe?  Yeah, me too.  Happens to the best of us, trust me.  Tweeze one wrong hair, and your brows will look more like Massachusetts than Brooke Shields' beauties.  Check out my latest segment on Good Morning Arkansas for tips on just how to get the best brows evah!

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P.S. A very special thanks to my ridiculously gorgeous buddy, Sam, for being my lovely model!

P.P.S. Here's that fancy chart I was talking about.  :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013


OHMYGAH.  I've been waiting to tell y'all about this for MONTHS!  This week, I'm introducing a new and oh-so-amazing anti-aging treatment called the HydraFacial.  You may have seen it on The Doctors, or Dr. Oz, or maybe even Real Housewives!  It's the most fabulous facial ever.

The machine provides a gentle resurfacing treatment with better results than microderm and IPL....with no downtime or redness.  You'll leave the treatment room with fresh, exfoliated and extracted, radiant and hydrated with dewy, plumped skin. sis even asked me if I'd had Botox after I had my last treatment.  It's that good, I promise!  It's a perfect facial for all skin types, including those with acne and rosacea.

Check out this video about the HydraFacial below:

Also, I can't introduce a new service for my beauties in LipglossLand without a little special.  Mention this blog post when you book your first appointment and I'll give you $50 off your first Hydrafacial treatment.  Woohoo! Regular price is $150 for the HydraFacial Express, by the by.  Have questions?  Shoot me an email at!

Looking forward to seeing your lovely faces soon!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quick Makeup Tips!

Heeeeeeey, Pretties!

So, school's starting soon.  That means busy mornings for lots of lovely ladies.  Just about every morning is busy for me, and I don't have kiddos!  Mad props to you moms out there!  Whether you're a student, a mom, or a Pure Barre obsessed gal like myself, here are some of my fave tips for streamlining your makeup routine! Watch my video here, and check out the deets below!
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1. Choose products that MULTI-TASK.

  • Pick a primer/hydrator 2-in-1.  A lot of primers have hydrators and SPF built in.  The less products you have to put on your face, the faster!
  • I've been using W3LL PEOPLE's stick foundation/concealer lately and it seriously cuts down on my morning routine. 
  • Creme cheek/lip color.  There are tons of lip and cheek stains on the market.  I love these for a quick wash of color on those pretty puckers and apples of your cheeks.  

    2. After Moisturizing/Priming, START WITH THE EYES. 

    Yep, you heard my right.  This is going to sound crazy to some, but trust me here.  We've all had the morning where we put on our foundation, concealer and blush perfectly and then had major eyeshadow fallout and had to go back and redo everything. Don't bother with all that and start with your eyes from now on.  

    3.  DE-POT your compacts!  

    There's no sense in fumbling around your makeup bag for that one little eyeshadow when you can create your own customized palette with an empty magnetic palette like the Z-Palette.  You can find them here. All your goodies will be within easy reach!  AMAZING! 

    Okay gals, what's your favorite time-saving makeup-measure?  Do share!  


Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Favorite Mask!

Having a good summer, lovelies?  It's been a busy one here in Peace-and-LipglossLand.  I've done some traveling to Vegas and Austin, learned some new lash extension techniques (umm, bottom lashes, anyone??) and started a new workout routine (it's PureBarre, y'all!).  

totally didn't want to come home. austin is amazing!
Being so busy has put my regular facial schedule on the back burner.  So, I've been doing what I can at home.  During my travels I discovered this awesome line called Arcona.  They have an amazing Tea Tree Mask to banish blackheads and control oil and shine....perfect for my normal-to-oily skin in the summer. I've been using it a couple times a week and my skin has been soft, smooth and breakout-free all season! You can find Arcona here or at Nordstrom. 
this stuff kinda smells like peppermint candy.  super refreshing for hot summer days.
What's your favorite summertime skincare treat?  Do tell!